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Châteaux de la Loire: Amboise

History: Château d’Amboise is a place full of French history. Charles VIII and Queen Anne de Brittany were the first royal to leave a mark at the château. After spending … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire: Chenonceau

History: The château is mostly influenced by women who built, embellished, protected, restored and saved it throughout history, so much so that Chenonceau is called the “château des dames”. Its … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire: Chaumont-sur-Loire

(AGAIN it has been a year since I last updated. I think about writing all the time, but there is a new mouth, aka a baby, in our household that … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire: Blois

History: The château of Blois combines 4 distinct wings around the courtyard, each representing a distinct period and style, presents a unique example of the development of French architecture from … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire: Cheverny

History: Cheverny was built in the beginning of the 17th century and it is a unique example of Louis XIII architecture. For over 600 yeas, the château has belonged to … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire: Chambord

History: King François I started the contraction in 1519 but the contraction continued with his son François II and finally completed by Loius XIV.   Chambord conserved the medieval fortress … Continue reading

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Châteaux de la Loire : itinerary

Châteaux de la Loire are Renaissance castles along the Loire Valley. From upstream Gien, a mere 2-hour drive from Paris, to downstream Nantes, a 4-hour drive non-stop, the castles lie … Continue reading

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Noirmoutier: Le Passage du Gois

Last week we did a short visit to Noirmoutier, an island in the Vendée department. It is however not the island itself that attracts me there, but rather a periodically … Continue reading

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Angers, not angry!

After visiting the château, we continued to visit the old town of Angers.               In almost every single French city, we can find a … Continue reading

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