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Bon appétit





Before I came to France, I have heard that dining in restaurant in France often takes more than two hours and I have wondered how they manage to do that…
Now after almost 3 years in France, I understand why French cuisine is so famous. And I definitely take my time in restaurant. Even though I can’t afford to go to restaurant very often, I do enjoy dining out for special occasions.

That’s why I want to introduce you to French cuisine and some of the most famous dishes you can find in a French restaurant. Of course there are a lot of dishes I haven’t tried and those that I have chosen here are dishes that I love.

A formal meal should include at least 3 courses. Whether it is “à la carte” (a menu of items priced and ordered separately) or from the set menu, there are starter (entrée), main course (plat) and dessert. If you happen to be in a gastronomy restaurant, you may be able to find a gourmet or discovery menu that includes more courses but with smaller portion.

Before we begin our meal, some of the restaurants (more common in fine dining restaurants) offer amuse-bouche to the guests. It is served as a free extra while you wait for the first course to come. It is tiny but who doesn’t love an extra something.






aperoThen we can’t forget the aperitif, or as French call it, “un apéro“, can we? It is a before-meal drink to “open the appetite”. Personally, I love a glass of Kir (white wine with peach liqueur) to kick off my meal.

We shall begin our first course, the entrée, next.

Bon appétit 🙂



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