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2 days in the Picardy region

Fact #1 Amiens cathedral and Beauvais cathedral are one of the most beautiful cathedrals in France and I love cathedral.

Fact #2 The photo of the Château de Pierrefonds I saw online is very impressive.

Fact #3 Compiegne is in the region on the way to the other cities and there is a palace.

Conclusion, I would have to visit all these! So I threw in the 4 together and made a 2-day trip.

The trip is about 350km, 2 ways to and from Paris. Without break without traffic, google estimates a 5-hour drive. It would roughly break down 2 to 3 hours of driving in a day which is manageable and within reason for me. Picardy.location

So the destination is settled and off we go.


Our first stop was the Château de Pierrefonds. We were driving down the narrow street and it appeared from nowhere. All I could think of was “wow, that is amazing, it looks like a fairy tale castle.” Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a fair amount of castles and from exterior, the Château de Pierrefonds is one of the best I have seen. What’s more is that there weren’t many visitors like those in Paris. Don’t miss it if you are in the region.

Pierrefonds Pierrefonds Pierrefonds

By early afternoon, we arrived at our second stop, Compiegne, precisely a visit to the Palais de Compiegne. It is not as big as Versailles but the rooms are very nice and again there is no crowd at all.



There are also 2 museums, the Museum of the Second Empire (which the staffs said includes a lot of paintings) and the National Car Museum with a collection of automobiles, carriages and bicycles. Both museums require guided visit so you need to ask for the time of the tour in the souvenir shop before your visit to the palace, register and come back at the right time (the tour is included in your ticket). We chose the car museum and it took about an hour.


After that, we went all the way to Amiens and we stopped there for the night.
Our second day began with Amiens and the final stop for this trip was Beauvais. Both cities are famous for their cathedral. I cannot say which one is better, they are simply grand. Look at these photos and decide for yourself.


Amiens Amiens



Amiens VS1


Beauvais VS1


Amiens VS2


Beauvais VS2


Bon voyage à tous 🙂


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