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Les Invalides: Musée de l’armée and le Dôme des Invalides

Being lazy busy and ignoring the blog for the last 4 months, I have loads of places to write about so let’s start from Paris!


In Paris 7th arrondissement, we can find Les Invalides where it contains museums and monuments all relating to the military history of France. I never had the chance to actually go inside it the few times I was there.


The Army Museum holds the world’s richest collections of military objects where there are more than 500,000 arms, armors, artillery pieces and paintings. It proposes a journey through the Middle Ages to the aftermath of the Second World War. It is such a rich collections that we spent hours in it and we still feel like we need more time.

However, the highlight of this site is the Dome Chapel. On the back of the Army Museum, there is the golden dome which was once a royal chapel and was later converted into a military pantheon by Napoleon I.

Dôme des Invalides Dôme des InvalidesDôme des Invalides

It holds the remains of many military leaders but the most impressive is the Tomb of Napoleon I set in the middle of the dome.


I would really suggest you to visit this site. It is interesting and it isn’t even that crowed comparing to other sites in Paris.

I will have to run now, see you soon!

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