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Rouen – day 2 in Normandy


Wow, time flies! I can’t believe it’s already September while my last post was in June. I have to admit I was quite occupied with friends coming for visit and my own travel, but I do apologize for neglecting my blog…


Anyway, back to June and my last post… We were in Normandy for 2 days and the second day we went to Rouen.

Rouen Rouen

Rouen is not the most exciting city for tourists but its cathedral is one of the must-see in France. The cathedral measures around 150 meters in height and it is one of the tallest churches in the world. Its size is incredible!

On a side note, the other must-see cathedrals around Paris include Beauvais, Amiens, Chartres and Reims. We went to visit Beauvais and Amiens earlier this month and I owe you a post on that trip…


While we were in Rouen, we also walked around the old town and we got to see the Gros Horloge and the Palais de Justice.

RouenRouen Rouen
Overall, we enjoyed our 2 days in Normandy. We will return to this region another time 🙂

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