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Saint-Malo: La Ville Intra-Muros

Saint Malo.locationWe used Saint Malo as our base when we visited Mont Saint Michel back in April. Merely at 55km from Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo is one of the closest cities to the Mont. It is also a major tourist destination in Brittany and we spent the whole second day in the city. It was a real nice surprise. Saint Malo Before my visit, I only knew that Saint Malo is a walled city and I was hesitated in visiting the city as I thought we would only be walking on the wall, meaning we wouldn’t be able to see much of it… How wrong was that!

Not only were we able to see the wall from the beach, most of the fun was to walk over to Fort National, Grand Bé and Petit Bé during low tide. We didn’t visit any of the fort but we already spent a few hours wondering on the beach and the islands.

Saint Malo

Fort national, opens only from June to September, was the first island we walked to

Saint Malo

Grand Bé (the larger island) and Petit Bé, we walked to both island during low tide

Saint Malo

On the beach, there is a warning indicating the high tide time for the day. Make sure you check the time before you cross the beach, you don’t want to get stuck on the island.

Saint Malo

Locals and tourists crossing the beach during low tide

We also visited the château of Saint Malo which now holds the museum of the city and its collection tells the history of Saint Malo. Solidor Tower is also part of the museum but it is a bit far from the city center and when we arrived that day, it was already closed. Saint Malo Saint Malo Saint Malo becomes one of my preferred French cities after my visit and I may even consider moving there one day. It is simply that attracting.Saint Malo

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