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Mont Saint Michel… finally!

We would have been in Paris 2, 3 weeks earlier if my bank had tried a bit harder to work on my documents… Anyhow, we are now in Paris as we speak and things turned out alright in the end.

A delayed moving plan meant another weekend for travel in my opinion. I have lots of to-visit places in mind around the region (Bretagne/ Brittany). I have this theory that if travelling to an area is cheaper now than once we move to Paris, then we are saving money by going. I won the argument and so we made another weekend trip in the beginning of March.

Our destination: Mont Saint Michel.

Mont St Michel


Saint Michel.location

Since I first arrived in France back in 2009, I meant to visit Mont Saint Michel, but it never happened. It is just so far from where I were.

I have countless friends, old classmates back in Lyon and Nimes or people I know back home who travel to France for visit or for working holiday, who were in France for a much shorter period than I am but have visited Mont Saint Michel. So I really had to go when I was that close…


I don’t think I need to do any more introduction for Mont Saint Michel, I am sure there are websites after websites for that. And honestly I am no good at writing history, I would rather tell you what I saw and what I think about this site.

We arrived at the car park and like everyone mentioned, there was a shuttle bus taking us to the entrance of Mont Saint Michel. We decided to walk back to the car park when we finished our visit as there were too many visitors waiting for the shuttle. Big mistake. It is far, it actually took us longer to walk than to wait for a few buses.


Once you enter Mont Saint Michel, there are 2 ways to reach the abbey. You can either climb up the wall (on your right after the entrance) and follow the rampart, or you can go through the little street with the shops and restaurants on the two sides.

Mont St Michel

Up the rampart…

Mont St Michel

or go through the little street

Mont St MichelMont St Michel


Now that you have reached the abbey, have you ever wondered why you never see pictures of the interior of the abbey? The reason is simple – because there is nothing to show! The only part worth taking photo is the cloister. It doesn’t really worth the 9 Euros entry fee but I am sure you will end up paying the fee and entering the abbey. After all, you have made it that far to come here…

Mont St MichelMont St MichelMont St MichelMont St Michel


Besides the abbey, there are also 4 museums in Mont Saint Michel. The entry fee is at 18 Euros for the 4 museums or 9 Euros for one museum. We didn’t have the budget for the museums so I don’t know if they are worth a visit or not.


I had such high expectation that I wasn’t really impressed by Mont Saint Michel. Don’t get me wrong, it is unique and worth a visit. But it seems like my second day in Saint Malo was the highlight of the trip instead.

Mont St Michel

Bon voyage à tous 🙂
Stay tuned for day 2 of our trip in Saint Malo.

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