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My time in France

I was doing some calculation and to my surprise, I have spent 50 months in France in total over all these years. That’s an alarming 15% of my life so I can’t help but ask: where did the time go?

Checking my photo (plus my memory), here’s the answer.


My first resident in France, Lille

Lille, June 2009, 1 month

Technically this was my second time in France, I spent 2 days in France during my grad trip but that hardly courts, right?

Anyway, in order to prepare myself for Lyon, I joined a summer program in Lille, in the North of France. It was one quick month and my memory of it became a blur now. I did survive afterwards so I guess this month paid off somehow.

Lyon, October 2009 – May 2010, 8 months

To be exact, I didn’t do an exchange program but rather I applied for a suspension for my last year in college. My college had offered me the opportunity to exchange to Paris Sorbonne to study law in French (no, it’s not a joke) so I refused the offer and found my own language school in Lyon.

These 8 months have so far been the best time I have had in France. I met some friends, travelled alone, grew up and fall more in love with France.

I was the one only staying in a stdio cause the student resident was full, 560 € per month I still remember!

I was the one only staying in a studio cause the student resident was full, 560 € per month I still remember!

That's the smallest room I have ever had

That’s the smallest room I have ever had (Nîmes)

Nîmes, October 2011 – February 2012, 5 months

After a year back to reality my home country, I finished my degree and I was once again back to France. A 2.5 years program, it seemed long at that time.

Divonnes-les-bains, March – August 2012, 6 months

To fulfill the requirement of my study, I had my first internship in this little town situated on the border with Switzerland. The intern was no fun at all! And I am 100% city girl and a town this small isn’t for me. I left town and travelled like crazy.



The tickets I managed to save after 6 months (Divonne)

Nîmes, September 2012 – January 2014, 1 year 5 months

Here I was again in Nîmes, gone through 2 semesters and an internship, the longest I have stayed in a foreign city…


The first apart I rented, 35 square meters, so much bigger than the student resident



Nantes, March 2014 – present, 11 months

After my graduation, I moved to the West of France, Nantes. It has been a hard year, waiting for the séjour and searching for a job.

But here I am, ready to turn the page and get on with the next journey.


All the cities I have lived at one time or another

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