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Sunday in Nantes: Puces Auto – Moto

I was searching for the next Salon du Chocolat (which by the way coming in March in Nantes) when I came across the info of this Auto-moto Puces.


Puces (short from: marché aux puces) means flea market. In France, there are countless flea markets. Some are on weekly basis and some, like this one I went to, are only once a year.

Since Dada is a fans of cars/bikes, we decided to go. However we almost couldn’t get in because of a small incident. After 3 years in France, I get the “bad” habit of not having any cash in hand. So did Dada. There isn’t any ATM in our neighborhood (or one that I am aware of) and the nearest one is quite a walk or in the city center which is a few tram stations away. It wouldn’t be an issue to get off the tram, retrieve money, get back on the next tram except it was on a Sunday. Taking public transport on Sundays means a 20 min wait for each tram. So we risked and decided to get there first, hoping either they accept card or we can find an ATM around.

Well we did find an ATM directly outside the exhibition center but it was out of service unfortunately. The organization did not accept card either but told us another ATM was not far. We took the direction as told for about 10 min, didn’t see anything, came the same way back and was told another direction (20 min walk he said) by a police. We decided not to go for that 20 min search since by then we had walked around aimlessly for half an hour. I saw a panel indicating a supermarket was “1 min away by car” and decided we would take that way and walk til the next tram stop. We were that close to turn to the other way following the tramway when I finally saw the ATM.

So after an hour of searching for ATM, we were back with cash and able to buy the tickets…

The exhibition hall wasn’t big even with 2 floors. Most stands sold car parts, but there were some selling magazines, toys/ collection related to vehicles which were much more interesting for me.

Expo Expo

There were a few show cars as well and I did take some photos. But I don’t particularly like cars so I can’t tell you more than what’s already written there.


Estimation of this “car” is at 200-250 000 €, that’s the price of an apartment




Dated back to 1956, almost 50 years


Place: Parc des expositions de la Beaujoire (Nantes), tram line 1
Entry: 3 €

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