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Life in France: cinema Gaumont

I know I did all my posts on travel but I am running out of places to write as I am stuck in Nantes with a very tight budget lately… So why not let me talk about life in France which will keep the blog busy until I hit the road again. In Nantes, there are these 2 cinemas, Gaumont (center) and Pathé (Atlantis). This chain has this pass where you pay 21,9 € per month and you have unlimited access to their cinemas. Their Pass Duo is a real bargain where you pay 36,8 € per month for you and an invitee of your choice (it can be anyone/ no one as long as the card holder is one of the viewers). Well, that’s 18 € per month per person and you are actually saving money if you go to cinema more than 3 times a month! *Discount ticket here is at 7,9 € Dada (aka my bf) and I get the Pass Duo a few months ago and we have been watching whatever movie that seems interesting. December somehow was a month for French movies. With my French improving little by little, I start to enjoy (some of) the French movies (French humor is hard to get but these are ok). They ain’t shown in many countries I imagine and I am not sure you can get the DVD outside France but give them a try if you see them in store. Film Paula, living with her dead-mute parents and younger brother, discovers her talent in singing and struggles to choose between family duty and her pursuit of music. On a side note, Louane Emera, playing the role Paula, is the demi-finalist of The Voice (France) 2013. Film

Antoine, a 6-year old kid, is determined to meet Santa and he does – a burglar who dresses as Santa to steal jewels in apartments. After Santa’s fail to get rid of Antoine, the 2 form a term and browse Paris from roof to roof searching their own dream.
Can Michel get an hour of quiet time to listen to his new album when everyone (wife, son, neighbor etc.) disturbs him for one reason or another and anything that can happen does happen?

Bonne séance 🙂

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