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Festival Interceltique de Lorient: Grand parade

So this weekend we went to visit the family of Dada and we took the opportunity to visit Lorient for the Festival Interceltique de Lorient.

There are many performance and concerts all over Lorient for 10 days. But the most important event is the Grand Parade (of Celtic Nations) that takes place on Sunday.


Full of audience along the parade route of 2km

Thousands of musicians, dancers and other performers dressed in national costume parade through the city streets for the whole morning.

This year, there were 75 groups that took part in the parade and they came from different countries and different regions of France. As far as I knew, there were performers from Canada, Australia and Ireland. The event is so huge that it was on tv as well.

I went for my first time this Sunday and I had a great time taking all the photos and enjoying the atmosphere. But I do hope there was someone who told me what to expect before I went. So here I am, giving you the tips for your first ever Festival Interceltique.

1. Unlike other functions, it says it starts at 10am and it starts at 10am. However the parade route lasts more than 2km, you may have to wait 15 minutes before the first team reaches you.

2. If you drive, allow more time on the highway as there may be traffic jam. The best is that you know the region and try to take the national roads.

3. Arrive at least half an hour before to find a parking and then to walk back to the center. Because chance is, you won’t find any space around the center.

4. If you arrive just on time and you can’t find any clear spot to see the parade, try to go further down the route. There will be a lot less people half way down the parade route.

5. Bring water and some food if you want to watch the whole parade. It lasts more than 3 hours until 1 or 2 pm.

6. If you want a decent lunch in one of the restaurants, make sure you leave before the end of the parade or you will be kept waiting for a table. Otherwise, it is not that messy to leave with everyone else. You can always grab a sandwich along the street.

I guess these are more or less the points I realized.


Musicians from Vannes, Brittany, France One of the regional flags I recognized


Flag of Brittany, but look at his shoes!!!

The grand parade is for sure the biggest parade I have ever seen and I would say that it is worth the trip there to witness a festival so important as well as famous (more than 60,000 audience for the parade).

Bon voyage à tous 🙂


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