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Fêtes Historiques de Vannes

During the two weeks that I was staying in Melrand for workaway, I went to see the “Fêtes Historiques” in Vannes.

I have already visited Vannes a few months ago and I found it a very touristic town with lots of timber-framed houses in the old town. But the festival really adds medieval atmosphere to the town.

Since 1986, every year on the 12-14th July, Vannes will look back upon its history and celebrate the characters who have left their mark on the town.

This year, the 500th year after the death of Anne de Bretagne, they have chosen her as the theme. Anne de Bretagne is a major figure in Breton history. She was born in the castle of Nantes but has spent some years in Vannes before she became the queen of France.


Even there were other animations and firework display at night (July 14 is the national day of France), we went mainly for the parade.

There were three parades the day we went so while we were waiting for the time to come, we had a walk in the center first. We came across several groups of artists dancing and playing (weird-looking) musical instruments. There were visitors dressing up in medieval costumes too. They were just so pleased with their costumes that they all stopped to let me take photo of them.

We also went to see the “Renaissance village” that they set up next to the old city wall (les remparts de Vannes). Basically they put up some stands where people demonstrated the life during the age of Anne de Bretagne.

VannesFinally we went and saw the parade which lasted around 15 minutes. There were so many participants. Some were riding horses, some groups were dancing, some throwing big flags, even kids came in costumes!

But the most spectacular part was those dressed up with masks. I don’t know how they are related to that period of time, but they were simply gorgeous.

Here are some photos that I took during the parade.

I didn’t see many foreign tourists during my visit in Vannes as “Fêtes Historiques” is not a well-known festival. Even in the region, I didn’t see much mention of it. But it is for sure a festival worth seeing.

Bon voyage à tous 🙂

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