Life and travel in France, 3 years & counting

Where should I go next?…

My first Workaway


Melrand, the village where I spent 2 weeks


I came across the idea of helping a host for a few hours per day in exchange for lodgment and food when I was reading some blogs. I like the idea where I get to live with a host, learn from what they do as well as the language and cultural exchange. So I immediately subscribed to one of the many sites that offer more or less the same idea.

I sent a few messages to hosts that fit my search (like what types of help they expect and most importantly, where they locate) and within 2 days, I found my first host and I was set to go to his place in another 2 days.

I was going to spend 2 weeks with a host that runs a gite in Brittany, a small village around 2 hours from Nantes.


Some of the photos I took for the gite

The first task that needed to be done was to organize a dinner for 15 people. We started from buying the ingredients, to preparing the food, setting up the tables and serving them on the Sunday. It wasn’t hard at all taking into account that I used to do banquets for hundreds of people. It is nice to see that they were all very happy with my service, it feels like I didn’t waste my 6-month internship.


 I also spent quite a lot of time in gardening everyday. The host grows all sorts of vegetable and there are always something that need picking. It doesn’t sound interesting but for someone who grew up in city (aka me), everything was so new. I got to pick the beans, potatoes, onions and lots more. I did some printing as well. All these are tasks that I would never get to do if I didn’t go there. I can’t say that I have learnt a lot, but it is the experience that counts.


Beans, fron picking to processing them into jars


The host even has some chickens for eggs

We also did little things here and there, like tidying up and creating a facebook page for the gite.

But most importantly, we did some visit in our free time. We went to a festival in Vannes (I shall write another entry as soon as I get some time) and there was another time where we went to the beach and around.


st cado

Cottage in the middle of the river in St Cado

ship graveyard

Boat graveyard

I was having such a good time that I think I will search for a second host pretty soon.

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