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Festival d’Avignon


Palais des Papes in Avignon

There are many festivals in France, but one of the most popular festivals has to be Festival d’Avignon.

For 3 weeks in July, Avignon holds more than 1000 shows (theatre mostly). The “In” festival, which is the official one, holds performance in the Palais des Papes and some other larger theaters. As for the “Off” festival, individuals perform their shows in schools, streets and any places suitable for performing.

Festival d’AvignonFestival d’Avignon

The first thing you will notice once you step feet inside the Avignon wall is that the town is so full of festival ambience with flyers posted on every corner.

Festival d’Avignon

Then further into the town, you can find performers dressing up, giving out leaflets and advertising their shows. We went around the town for an hour or so and we met more than 20 different performers. Even we tried not to take the leaflets as we had no plan to see any show, we ended up with many…

And let’s not forget the streets performers, dancers and artists (and some stalls as well) along the main street. You can simply stay with the crowd and enjoy their talents. If you ever find any performance that you adore, give them a Euro or two.

The festival totally transforms Avignon from a quite little old town to one full of life and tourists. So even you are not up to the theatre or do not understand French for any show, coming to Avignon during the festival is a very good experience. Order a cup of coffee (or coke, it is HOT in south France in July!) and stay in a cafe along the main street and see what the performers offer you.

Festival d’AvignonFestival d’AvignonFestival d’AvignonFestival d’Avignon

On a side note, Villeneuve les Avignon which is right next to Avignon is a good place to escape the craziness during the festival. The castle allows you a very good view over the area.


Font Saint-Andre

Bon voyage à tous 🙂

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