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Joute (in French), or water jousting, is a sports practiced mostly in France, and also in Switzerland and Germany. I was so fascinated by the two times I watched it that I want to write an entry about it.

The principle of Joute is simple. Two competing boats with each a jouster standing on the platform of the boat will start on two sides and then draw level against one other. The jouster, protected by their shield, has to use their lance to push the opponent off the platform and into the water while keeping their balance and remaining on their platform.


The two jousters approaching each other


Red team succeeds in pushing off his opponent

The first time I watched Joute was during the Nîmes Feria that I talked about in my previous entry. Among the many activities, there was a match in the canal of the garden.


The second time was during Fête de la Saint Louis in Sète (late August) where the whole town undergoes celebration for 6 days. But the most important event is the Joute final tournament of the year.

JouteWe went there around noon but we could hardly find any spot. The two sides of the canal were completely occupied. Compare to the time in Nîmes, it was crazy to see so many people there. In fact, I have never seen that many people going for a single event. So be warned, be there really early or try your luck at one of the restaurants (take a table along the canal for lunch).

Bon voyage à tous 🙂

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